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Have one to sell? Sell now Details about Christmas Cartoon Beatles Painting "Artwork By Sandra"


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Beatles Cartoon "We Have A Ticket To Ride"


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Beatles Cartoon Large Tote Bag "Beatles At The Beach"


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Beatles Cartoon Cabinet Knobs "Artwork By Sandra"


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Beatles Cartoon "Abbey Road"


Artwork By Sandra

Painting and Drawing
As a artist I spent many hours carefully painting and drawing the design of your choice.All my work is started with a complete blank canvas or item,design to your standards.
I was featured in a Lansing Michigan Newspaper in Jan. 2011 as a featured artist from Michigan.
I am dedicated to creating art work whether it be on canvas, shoes or to your liking on any provided customizable item.
Feel free to ask any question about my artwork,also if you don't see something here you want,just contact me.

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artwork.means so much for me to have a happy customer.

•?((¯°·._.• ŤĤĮŜ ĮŜ ŤĤẸ ÃŘŤĮŜŤ, Į ĎŘÃŴ ÃĹĹ ϻЎ ČŘẸÃŤĮỖŇŜ ! •._.·°¯))؟•